lundi 3 décembre 2012

regler/intaller ses ressort de fourche progressifs

Bonnie and T100: Oil weight 10w, Quantity 484cc, 120 mm from top of stanchion with spring out and fork 

spires serrees vers le haut 

The SE springs are 285mm and the T100 springs are 330mm long. 

You can use the longer Hagon progressives for the T100 if you wish but you will have to reduce the length of the 235mm long SE tubular spacers. 

Mag wheel bonnie;
For Bonneville, and Bonneville SE from VIN 380777, Oil volume = 499cc (and not one cc over!). 

Oil level (fully compressed) = 106+/- 4mm below inner tube. 

NOT the same for spoke wheel Bonnies.

"For Bonneville up to VIN 380776 AND Bonneville T100 the oil level (fork fully compressed) = 120mm below inner tube"

"Oil Volume Dry = 484 cc"

Recommended Fork Oil Grade = Kayaba G10.